Belts are custom made. Sizing is your responsibility, Please measure carefully and ask any questions !
Authorized Exchanges may be charged return shipping and sizing mistakes a 20% restocking fee.
Call us with any questions @ 508-771-5458

Measure a currently used belt from the tip of the buckle, A, to the hole you currently use, B.

  • This measurement determines your belt size. If you measure 34 inches, your belt size is 34.
    Use a cloth tape and measure around your pants and through the loops as if it were a belt, pull snug and note the measurement. This will be your belt size.
    If you measure 34 inches, please order a size 34 belt
  • If you know what pant size is currently being worn order one size up from that pant size. i.e. 32″ pant = 34″ belt. Please check this against the above instructions to be sure !

    * Belts Come With Screw Posts or Snaps To Change Out Buckles