Method #1: For best results, measure a currently used belt from the tip of the buckle, “A” to the hole you currently use, “B”
This measurement determines your belt size. If you measure 34 inches, your belt size is 34

Method #2: If you are not able to do method #1, use a cloth tape measure around your pants and through the loops as if it were a belt. pull snug and note the measurement. this will be your belt size. If you measure 34 inches, please order a size 34 belt

 If you are not able to do method #1 or method #2, you need to know what pant size is currently being worn
and order one size up from that pant size.

i.e. 32″ pant = 34″ belt

Belts Come With Screw Post To Change Out Buckles

Belts are custom made. Sizing is your responsibility, please measure carefully.

Call us with any questions @ 508-771-5458

   Authorized Exchanges will be charged return shipping.