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The eastern Cotuit Oyster Shell Leather Belt features the original bench crafted solid brass, white bronze or sterling silver buckle to fit up to a 1-1/2″ men’s or women’s casual leather seashell belt handmade by New England Leathersmith Jeff Taylor from Cellar Leather on Cape Cod. Oyster Beach Art American Made in USA.


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The eastern Cotuit  Oyster Shell Leather Belt features the original bench crafted solid brass, white bronze or sterling silver  oyster buckle to fit up to a 1-1/2″ men’s or women’s casual leather belt handmade by New England Leathersmith Jeff Taylor from Cellar Leather on Cape Cod. Dating back to 1857, The Cotuit Oyster Company has produced one of the oldest brand names of oysters in the United States. The Cotuit oyster shell buckle has been made in the Village of Cotuit for over 45 years. Just 3 miles away in the village of Marstons Mills, Jeff hand cuts and finishes his bench crafted belts in his shop for this original oyster shell buckle. Cellar Leather’s Cotuit Oyster belt was featured in the 2011 October 22nd-23rd Wall Street Journal. Buckle measures 2.75″L x 1.75″H. Oyster Beach Art American Made in USA.

Additional information

Belt Size

28", 30", 32", 34", 36", 38", 40", 42", 44", 46"

Belt Width

1-1/4", 1-3/8", 1-1/2"

Belt Color

Austrailian Nut English Bridle, Black Cherry Antique Hand Dye, Black Cherry Bison, Black Hair Cell, Black Softie, Black/Brown Antique Hand Dye, Bomber Brown, Boxer Tan, Brown Softie, Brown Stone Embossed, Burgundy Oiled, Burgundy Oilid, Cherry Antique Hand Dye, Choco English Bridle, Chocolate Bison, Cognac Bison, Conker Tan English Bridle, Dark Havana English Bridle, Dark Tan Antique Finish, EB Navy Bridle, Glazed Brown, Green English Bridle, Havana Bridle, Hazel, Light Brown Antique Finish, Nat Veg, Ocean Blue Hand Dye, Peanut Bison, Purple Antique Hand Dye, Purple Hand Dye, Red English Bridle, Stone Embossed Closeout, Taupe Glazed, Tobacco Aztec, Two Tone Edge Border, Two Tone Hand Dye, Austrailian Nut Bridle, Australian Nut, Aztec Brown, Back Matte, Black, Black / Silver, Black Antique, Black Antique Finish, Black Antique Hand Dye, Black Antique Plain, Black Aztec, Black Bison, Black Boxer, Black Bridle, Black Cherry, Black Cherry Hand Dye, Black Cobra, Black Cobra Print, Black Distressed, Black English Bridle, Black Esquire, Black H20, Black H20 Buffalo, Black H20 Bufflao, Black H2O, Black H2O Buffalo, Black Hand Dye, Black Harness, Black Matte, Black Maverick, Black OIled, Black Plain, Black Shrunken, Black Smooth, Black Textured, Black Vintage Glazed, Black Water Bufflalo, Blue Distressed, Boxer Black, Boxer Brown, Brown, Brown / Brass, Brown Antique, Brown Antique Finish, Brown Antique Hand Dye, Brown Antique Hand Dye Tooled, Brown Aztec, Brown Bison, Brown Boxer, Brown Cobra, Brown Cobra Print, Brown Distresed, Brown Distressed, Brown Esquire, Brown H20, Brown H20 Buffalo, Brown H2O, Brown H2O Buffalo, Brown Hand Dye, Brown Matte, Brown Maverick, Brown Oiled, Brown Plain, Brown Textured, Brown Vintage Distressed, Brown Vintage Glazed, Brown Water Buffalo, Burgundy, Burgundy Antique Hand Dye, Burgundy Bison, Burgundy Hand Dye, Burgundy Matte, Caramel, Cherry Red Stain, Chestnut, Chestnut Bridle, Chestnut Harness, Chestnut Plain, Chestnut Traditional English Bridle, Choco, Choco Brown, Chocolate, Chocolate English Bridle, Cognac, Cognac Aztec, Cognac Aztec Plain, Conker Tan, Conker Tan Traditional English Bridle, Cranberry Plain, Dark Brown, Dark Brown Antique, Dark Brown Antique Finish, Dark Brown Antique Plain, Dark Brown Aztec Plain, Dark Brown Bridle, Dark Brown Hand Dye, Dark Brown Harness, Dark Brown Havana, Dark Brown Plain, Dark Brown Traditional English Bridle, Dark Tan, Dark Tan Antique Hand Dye, Denim Distressed, Denim Vintage Glazed, Distressed Brown, Distressed Brown Vintage Leather, Distressed Vintage Brown, Dk Brown Bison, Dk Brown Plain, English Bridle, Espresso, Espresso Esquire, Esquire Mahogony, Gray Distressed, Green, Grey Distressed, H20 Buffalo Plain, Havana Brown, Henna, Kelly Green, Light Brown, Light Brown Hand Dye, Light Brown Plain, Mahagony Antique Plain, Mahagony Plain, Maho, Mahogany, Mahogany Antique, Mahogany Antique Dye, Mahogany Antique Finish, Mahogany Antique Hand Dye, Mahogany Antique Plain, Mahogany Esquire, Mahogany Hand Dye, Mahogany Plain, Mahogany Shrunken, Mahogany Textured, Mahogony Antique Hand Dye, Med Brown, Med Brown Antique, Med Brown Antique Finish, Med Brown Plain, Medium Brown, Medium Brown Antique Dye, Medium Brown Antique Finish, Medium Brown Antique Hand Dye, Medium Brown Antique Plain, Medium Brown Plain, Natural, Natural Tan, Natural Veg Tan, Navy, Navy Bridle, Navy Distressed, Navy English Bridle, Navy Englsih Bridle, Navy Traditional English Bridle, Olive, Oxblood Antique Hand Dye, Peanut Esquire, Peanut Matte, Peanut Tan, Plain Black, Plain Leather Belt, Plain Tan, Red, Red Bridle, Red Oxblood Plain, Red Plain, Rich Brown Plain, Rope Edge Brown, Rope Edge Hand Dye, Rope Edge Tan Hand Dye, Stone Distressed, Tan, Tan Antique, Tan Antique Anchor Tooled, Tan Antique Dye, Tan Antique Edge Dye, Tan Antique Finish, Tan Antique Hand Dye, Tan Antique Hand Dye Tooled, Tan Antique Hand Dye with Solid Brass Buckle, Tan Antique Hand Dyed, Tan Antique Hand Dyed Tooled Plain Brass Buckle, Tan Antique Plain, Tan Aztec, Tan Aztec Hand Dye, Tan Bison, Tan Bridle, Tan Cobra, Tan Cobra Print, Tan Distressed, Tan Embossed Wave, Tan H20 Buffalo, Tan Hand Dye, Tan Harness, Tan Maverick, Tan Oiled, Tan Plain, Tan Rope Embossed, Tan Shrunken, Tan Textured, Tan Vintaged Glazed, Tan Water Buffalo, Taupe H20 Buffalo, Taupe H2O Buffalo, Taupe Maverick, Taupe Vintage Glazed, Tooled Tan Antique Hand Dye, Tooled Tan Antique Hand Dye with Solid Bras Buckle, Vintage Brown Distressed, Vintage Distresed Brown, Vintage Distressed Brown, Vintage Glazed Black, Vintage Glazed Brown, Vintage Glazed Denim, Vintage Glazed Tan, Walnut, Walnut / Black Cherry, Walnut Bridle, Walnut Brown, Walnut Harness, Walnut Stain, White, White Crackle, White Crackled, White Plain

Buckle Type

Solid Brass, Sterling Silver, White Bronze Silver

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